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Man Polishing Car

Complete Exterior Package

Our Complete Exterior Package comes with a complete exterior wash on all plastic and paint surfaces, all wheels and wheel wells. Paint is clay bar to remove any contaminates on clear coat , then it is one step polished and that is topped off with a SIO2 sealant for yearly protection. Door jams and windows are cleaned and plastic's are dressed as well.

This package starts @$150 (prices vary depending on condition)

Complete Interior Package

Our Complete Interior Package comes with a vacuum/shampoo/extraction on all fabrics.  Headliners are only dry foamed. All plastics and cup holders are steam cleaned / shampooed. This is our deep cleaning package that focuses on all the major surface's as well as the cracks and crevices.

This package starts @ $150 (prices vary depending on condition)

Wash Package

Our wash package come with a dust down and vacuum on all seats/carpets/cup holders. (No deep cleaning is included) Plastics are dressed any leather is treated as well. ( Optional)

Exterior is wash (Paint/Wheel Wells/Wheels) all plastic and tires are dressed (Optional). Paint is protected with SIO2 liquid spray or paste. This wash is safe for all coatings.

 This package starts @ $100 (prices vary depending on conditions)

Specialty Services

* Headlight Restoration                         *Engine Clean

*Over Spray Removal                              *Boats

*Pet Hair Removal                                    *Water Spot Removal

*Paint Correction                                      *Motorcycle's 

*Yearly Ceramic Coating                       * Swirl Removal

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